Who even am I?



Hello, I’m Lizzie.

Recently someone told me i should blog about my lifting and pastry life, i laughed. Who would give a crap about that? Well, apparently people do because everyone i mentioned it to got all excited about the idea and screamed YES! DO IT!

So here i am.

I’m trying to think of some interesting things to say about myself, i am 25 years old, born and bred in small town New Zealand, i have been a baker since 2010 and absolutely love the food industry. This year i decided i wanted to take that further and enrolled to get my Diploma in Advanced Patisserie and Kitchen Management. I love it, its challenging and interesting, i have learnt so many amazing skills both within the kitchen environment and in management, different ways to approach people and food and design. I am learning how to put things together to create not just a wonderful taste adventure but also fantastic art for your eyes as well. I have rediscovered my love of creating sweet, something i lost when i fell in love with bread baking, and i feel as though a whole new world as opened up to me. I have business plans that i want to put into action in the next year or two and this has changed and evolved those plans from ordinary to something out of this world and i am so excited to get cracking!


Lifting wise, i am still a baby, i only started lifting seriously and passionately in the beginning of this year (2017). I have competed once, been in the paper twice and finally found something in the gym that makes me excited to get out of bed in the mornings. I love this sport, i love the community and the support that comes with it. I love feeling strong and powerful and i love those moments when you look down at your body and you are proud of what you see, it has been a damn long time coming for me to finally feel that way about myself. I’m nowhere near perfect or the size i want to be at, but i’m on the way and i’m loving the journey it is taking me on.



Super personal stuff about me –

I have a sister, she is incredibly strong willed and smart, i look up to her in many ways. I also am lucky enough that i grew up in a very happy household with two parents who love each other like crazy and still do.

I am (Almost) divorced, i got married young and made a big mistake. We all mess up when we are young, and while i don’t regret it because i wouldn’t be who i am today without learning the lessons that i did, I do still hurt over it, i was hurt so badly by someone i thought i could believe in and trust and that kind of pain never really goes away.

Lucky for me however, i have met somebody new. Somebody who made me realize that there is no such thing as wanting too much. Somebody who loves me for all that i am, even on my bad days when all i want to do is curl up and cry, she is there, making my world go round. Unlucky for us though, we don’t live in the same country. She lives over in Chicago and i am stuck here in New Zealand for now. I’m sure ill do a big writing about this when it happens but i am headed over there in two weeks to spend some much needed time with her ❤

Other parts of my life that could be worth a mention, i live with some wonderful people, two guys and another girl, its like having more brothers and sisters to annoy and have fun with and i couldn’t wish for better people to share my space with.

I work part time as a baker in a supermarket, it pays my bills and my boss is lovely.


I’m not sure what else to tell you really, my plan for this blog is to try and check in once a week or so with how training is going, how pastry life is treating me and that kind of jazz! Ill be uploading pictures and bits and bobs to go along with this stuff and hopefully if you are still reading you come back and can take something away from my weird life of lifting and eating! ❤


Lizzie xx


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