Why i am the God of packing…JK HELP ME!!

Hey ya’ll, i was asked to blog about my trip to Chicago to see my girl after i spent a few hours entertaining my friends with pictures and somewhat angry messages while i tried to fit everything into my bag!

So quick back story about WHY i am even going to Chicago…

A few months ago i met this amazing girl via GRRRL – Will post a link to find out more about GRRRL at the bottom 🙂 And we had an instant connection, our friendship very quickly grew into love and it became very clear to me that moving to Melbourne at the end of the year might be the wrong move when my future could be in Chicago with this girl. So after my friends very forcefully encouraged me, supported me and even went so far as to set up a give a little donation page, my flights were booked and the countdown was on. Just over two weeks of time with my love awaits me in just 12 days!

Now i love a good list, so i sat down a few nights ago and wrote myself a list of all the things i need to pack, all the basics like cute dresses, heels, make up.. tooth brush.. sexy lingerie.. LIFTING GEAR! Last night i decided i needed to make sure it all fits in my little suitcase, and well it was an experience.

I got everything i wanted to pack out, laid it on my bed like a child and ticked through my list, and then realized i have a lot of stuff and not much space in which to take it. Shit.


Okay new plan, i sat on the floor with all of the clothing i wanted to take and very carefully and as neatly as my fat little fingers could, rolled all of my clothes into little tubes. Oh yes, look at me go! I am the master of packing right now! I started playing the most difficult game of tetris i have ever played in my life! wedging clothing into small little gaps made by other items of clothing, wedging clothes between heels and my make up bag and hair drier and all the other vital items i had packed.

Success pretty much everything was in!

And then i looked over and saw my lifting belt sitting on the bed looking all smug daring my to try and fit him in the suitcase that was now overflowing with clothing sausages. Game on buddy!


I tried simply placing it on top and closing the lid but not even close, that was never going to happen. New plan, i laid it out flat, and tried to curve and shape it around the outside of the clothing sausages to fit snug to the wall of the suitcase. Success, apart from the lever now poking out the side and refusing to conform to the confines of suitcase prison. New New plan, i swapped it over, so the lever was on the other side of the suitcase, and jammed it with my fist until it fit under the lip of the zip. Success. i have made the belt and the suitcase my bitches! I am a triumphant warrior woman of packing! I am basically a packing God!

Now all i needed to be the most successful packing God that ever walked the earth was to close the zip, take a photo and be praised for my Godliness. The sides played the game with me, but the front was not having a bar of it, my fingers were shaking trying to pull the zips together, they were like an unhappily married couple that refuses to sit together. Some love was needed. And what says love like a good squat?!

So here i was, standing with one foot on either side of the top of my suitcase, in an ass to grass squat trying not to fall on my face, leaning forward like a squatting idiot trying to pull two zips back into a happy union. Nailed it!

The suitcase closed, and although it looked like it was going to burst at any moment, and it is quite likely overweight because i don’t know what “Packing light” means, it closed! And i call that a win!


Trying to leave everything in there until tomorrow when i can weigh it to find out if my life is over and i need to sacrifice something, or if the airline baggage Gods will look down on me and all the shoes i packed in pity and allow my bag to rest comfortably under 23kg.

I feel like i did a good nights work last night and an achievement was unlocked. Now to count down my last 12 days and try to not freak out about how far New Zealand is from literally EVERYWHERE!!!!!


Love Lizzie xx



GRRRL >>> http://www.grrrl.com

For me Grrrl drew me in because the clothing line is FREAKING AMAZING, but what really pulls you is the genuine love and sisterhood you get from everyone, the support is something i have never found in another group, Esp in a group this size, there is no bullshit, no bitchiness no judgement. We are just doing our thing, together, trying to make the world better. ❤

You can find Grrrl on facebook.

“We want to break the cycle of competition, smash the fake realities of photoshop, and move into a new age. An age where acceptance and non-judgment is the new black, and Sisterhood is the new obama.”




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