I finally met my girl!

Alright I know I know, ya’ll have waited a long time for this one, I have been.. busy with my beautiful girl!


So here goes what is likely to be a somewhat long telling of the story of how this little kiwi girl found herself in America!

I already wrote about packing my bag, about my super aggressive bag squashing skills (at the airport it ended up being 0.3grams over weight! – Whoopsy)

So now onto the biggest journey I have ever made, America is not a place I ever really wanted to go, between the scary laws, guns, politics, homophones and just terrifying people in general, it was never really on the list. However, where-ever Suz goes I will go, and so off to Chicago I went.


My first flight left Christchurch in the afternoon, the airport was packed, something to do with fashion week the nice girl who sat next to me on the plane shared. First flight was only an hour and 20 minutes so quick and easy. Bumpy coming into Auckland due to the crappy weather they were having  – Lucky me, I happen to hate flying at the best of times..

I RAN from the domestic terminal to the international terminal, flew through customs and then got to sit down (All of the sitting) for about 45 minutes before i boarded. The next flight through to L.A. was just over 12 hours (12 HOURS OF SITTING!!??) I am not about the sitting life, I stand all day at work and all day at school… So that was nice and uncomfortable. I couldn’t even drink myself to sleep (almost everyone had told me that drinking yourself to sleep was the way to go). The weather was so bad that they only did very sporadic drink service. The turbulence had me thinking I was about to die more than once, I feel like you know its bad when the pilot asks the attendants to sit down! I managed to get through 2 harry potter movies, Suicide Squad, a few episodes of Family Guy and some American Dad before we finally got to L.A. Customs was terrifying, I made friends with a fellow Kiwi girl also on her first trip so we made our way through the airport together until we had to part ways after customs, there is something to be said for the kindness of us Kiwis, we do stick together pretty well!

Finally after almost 14 hours traveling I was able to check in for my last flight!! BUT I had a 7 hour wait till boarding, I was exhausted, hungry, in a strange place and in desperate need of a shower. I did look for a shower, but ended up having to settle for a “Shower-A-La-Babywipe”! I felt disgusting but it was better than nothing and was nice to get changed into something more summery! I found somewhere to sit and called my mum who I can only imagine was worrying herself to death wondering if I was okay or not – Lets be honest mum, you worry. And I got to call my girl and tell her I was almost there! One 4 hour flight between us, we were almost in the same time zone, we were for the very first time in the same country at the same time! I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep, but I was alone in an airport that I didn’t know, What if i overslept? What if someone stole my wallet while I slept? So i sat, I read my book, I stared longingly at the coffee board on which nothing made sense. All i wanted was a hot Flat White and a sandwich or some fresh fruit. So far this was actually the most terrifying thing, trying to get food. It sounds silly, but for one thing, America does food differently, and for another thing I wasn’t 100% sure my card was going to work here. Finally hunger won out and i went in search of something familiar, I found a ham sandwich and a bottle of water and a new place in the sun to sit down and demolish it!!! It’s the little things in life that make you happy.

Finally the time came to board my last flight, (Thank GOD), I was lucky enough to not have anyone sitting next to me for this last flight. I put my music on, and tried desperately to get some sleep, I dozed on and off and watched America fly by below me.

And then I was here! Chicago! I all but ran off the plane and through the terminal to Suz. I was so terrified that I wouldn’t be able to find her, but there she was. My beautiful girl, I don’t know how to describe the happiness i felt, also the “Thank god she is actually real” feeling – I haven’t ever met someone in real life that i had only known online before. It was the most amazing feeling to finally be in her arms, to be able to breathe her in and squeeze her tight in my arms.

And then we got lost in the airport. Suz couldn’t remember where the car was, I want to say its because she was so excited that I was finally here, but now that I know her better I know that she is the most adorable little lost birdy, who needs GPS to find everything. She is the sweetest.

So finally we figured out where the car was, and wandered our way there, and of course zero self control, in the elevator she pounced on me and kissed me, and I don’t think anyone has ever kissed me with so much love, I knew in that moment with her that I could kiss only her for the rest of my life and be the happiest girl in the world. In that moment I knew that I was home.                                                                                                  But as is the way with elevators, we arrived and had to stop kissing to get our butts to the car. The GRRRLS were waiting for us to go Live on Facebook!


This is the first picture we ever took together, it’s a keeper! 😉


So we made it to get coffee and we did the “Live” Facebook thing. I am still amazed at how many GRRRLs stayed up late or got up stupid early just to see us finally together. The amount of love we have been receiving via messages on Facebook and Instagram, the love on the posts we share to and about each other is just unreal. Its love. It’s love for our little love story, two GRRRLs who met in the most random of ways, who just happened to fall in love from opposite sides of the world.

The first week I was here we got a beautiful surprise from the amazing GRRRLs at http://www.grrrl.com  – They sent us the most amazing care package of GRRRL gear and an adorable letter, if it wasn’t for GRRRL and all the amazing woman who make it what it is, Suz and I would have never met. So thanks GRRRL, for freaking everything! ❤

I am going home tomorrow.


And as much as my heart is breaking at the thought of having to leave Suz here while I go finish my study and tie up the loose ends I have at home. I’m not falling apart sad, I know I’ll see her in a few months when she comes out to NZ to see me. I know I’ll then see her again in Vegas for GRRRL LIVE in April, and hopefully after GL I’ll be coming home with her. For good.

This trip has been so incredible. We have been into the city and to the dunes, Suz has taken me to eat so many amazing things, and introduced me to such amazing people. I got to meet her family and so many of her friends. We got to lift together and FINALLY we have been able to hold hands walking down the street, we have been able to say goodnight with a kiss instead of goodbye and hanging up the phone. We have woken up in each others arms for the past 15 mornings. Suz took me to the Renaissance faire and we had the best day! Every day here has been the best day. Every day that I am with her is the best day of my life. I realize that we are both mushy soppy lovey whatever people, but I don’t care. I have always felt like I had to reign it in with relationships in the past, i couldn’t be all gooey and in love. But now I feel free to be that girl. And I couldn’t be happier. She makes me feel like I can just be me, no hiding the bad bits. I have been sick with a cold this week and she has taken care of me so well. She is everything.

So while I sit here packing my suitcase trying not to cry I’l leave you with some of my favorite photos of the past two weeks.


Lizzie xx



One thought on “I finally met my girl!”

  1. Cant wait to have you home Lizzie even if we know its only for a little while . And so excited to meet Suzy for real in a few months. Your story is inspiring and so proud of you for taking a chance and thrilled its worked out so wellxx


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