The Beginning Of A New Journey

Winter is the time of year where we all just want to stay inside by the fire, snuggling up to the person you love and then going to bed early and making the most of the extra hours of darkness and cold.


Dapper AF GRRRLs in Vegas. We scrub up pretty good! Take me back to summer!


So I’m sitting here on the couch by the fire, a glass of wine on the side table while I watch a movie and I wait. I wait for 9:30pm to roll around, I wait for my wife to wake up in Chicago and wish me a good morning. I wait to hear how she slept, how she’s feeling today, I wait to see that beautiful sleepy snuggley morning face in a photo instead of next to me in bed. It’s been almost a year of this long distance life, that constant feeling that something is missing from me. We have been going back and fourth trying to decide the best way to finally be together. What is going to be best for us as a couple? For our family? How can we be together sooner rather than later?


Damn we are the cutest


And so one day Suz messaged me and she said she wants our children to grow up somewhere beautiful, somewhere safe. We both have the fear if we had children in the U.S that we can’t insure their safety. I won’t lie, while there are many wonderful things about America, there are a lot of things that terrify me. Coming from rural New Zealand, it’s a lot to take in. Life for us in New Zealand would be a lot easier, we are a very progressive country so being a lesbian couple here would be easier than being in America. Having a child here and the medical bills and care that goes into that is financially achievable here. Housing is more affordable, the job market is better. I could go on.


Cooking dinner together like a “real” couple 


So now the count down is on, while Suz is getting her stuff together and sorting out what shes bringing and leaving, I will be here getting a home ready for us and pacing back and fourth in it waiting for her! I can’t wait, I am so ready to have her with me every day. To share the weekends together, have a child together, buy a home together. I want the simple things with her, crawling in bed at night next to her and waking up with her by my side. I want to cook for her and go out on dates with her, watch a movie on the couch snuggled up with a blanket together.


Selfie love

It’s going to be both a challenge and an adventure for us. We have been together a year, gotten married, and never spent more than 3 weeks together at one time. We are going to have to get used to living together and being in each others space all the time. When someone is grumpy we can’t just say “Text you later”. We will have to learn how to comfort each other in person. I actually can’t wait (Did I say that yet) I can’t wait to be able to wrap my arms around her when shes feeling down or having a bad day. I can’t wait to hear all about what she did at work in person, her work brings her so much joy, I can’t wait for that joy to be a part of my home.


Laying in the grass in NZ after we got engaged


I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t waaaaaaait!


Hurry up Mrs Bracken-Stanek and get your butt to New Zealand! ❤


Lizzie xx



I just put this in because it makes me laugh 😀


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